Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Be A Role Model


Role Model, It is a word, indicates a person which contains all the qualities in a balanced form or which maintains the physical and mental state at any condition.
Or we can say, the overall personality which is ideal for all the co-workers or the person which are surrounding them.


Lets take an example of the field of sports. A Role Model is a Sportsperson who gives his overall contribution to raise the level of  team during the pressure times, who motivates the team to perform better in each stage, who never left their team alone in any situation no matter bad the situation is.
So, if a person wants to be successful in his field or where he is under action must try to be a balanced, which leads to enhance the quality of a Role Model.


There are some qualities which must be there in an individual to develop oneself and become a Role Model.

  • He must dedicate himself in his field where he belong

  • He must be expert in his field

  • he is a unique person, who admire others, show others correct path, willingly commit his mistake, never take false credit

  • he is not only focused on his job but also do the things outside the box

So, being a Role Model is is good for both his teammates/surroundings to motivate them and guide them and also able to raise the standard of your own work and lifestyle.


Now, the question arises that how a person can be a role model. If we speak a true thing, there is no recipe of being a Role Model. It comes from inside. the sense of responsibility makes a person Role Model.
Thus if you wants to be a Role Model, you must be ready to take and sustain the responsibilities.. 

Sneha Turkar
Digital Marketing Executive
Talent Corner HR Services Pvt. Ltd.

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